• STP25000TL-30-LIGHT


Manufacturers part number STP25TL-30-08-2-00-0-0-0
Our reference SMA-STP25000TL-30-LIGHT

Product Description

The SMA Sunny Tripower 25000TL is the ideal inverter for commercial solar plants. Not only does it deliver extraordinary high yields with an efficiency of 98.4 %, but it also offers enormous design flexibility and compatibility with many PV modules thanks to its multistring capabilities and wide input voltage range.

Integrated Plant Control, which allows the inverter to regulate reactive power at the point of common coupling. Separate controllers are no longer needed, lowering system costs. Another new feature-reactive power provision on demand (QonDemand24/7).
Watt 25,000
Efficiency 98.1% Phase 3-phase MPPT 2
Display No
DC connection unknown
IP Rating IP65
Dimensions 66.1 x 26.4 x 68.2 cm Weight 61.0kg
Product warranty years Extensions for
CEC Certification No.
Accreditation Expiry


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