• STP10.0-3 AV-40

STP10.0-3 AV-40

Manufacturers part number STP10.0-3AV-40
Our reference SMA-STP10.0-3 AV-40

Product Description

The Sunny Tripower 8.0 / 10.0 makes PV systems in private households and small commercial applications especially powerful. It combines top inverter performance with maximum ease and comfort for its users. With integrated services and shade solutions, it can meet any challenge found on roofs. The Sunny Tripower reliably ensures maximum solar yields and reduces electricity costs.

Warranty extensions are available to purchase through SMA Australia
Watt 10,000
Efficiency 98.0% Phase 3-phase MPPT 2
Display No
DC connection unknown
IP Rating IP65
Dimensions 46 x 17.6 x 49.7 cm Weight 20.5kg
Product warranty years Extensions for 5 years
CEC Certification No.
Accreditation Expiry


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