• Symo-GEN24-6.0-Plus


Manufacturers part number 4,210,153,002
Our reference FRO-Symo-GEN24-6.0-Plus

Product Description

The Fronius Gen24 Symo 6.0 Plus is a highly versatile hybrid inverter with integrated backup power making it the ideal home inverter for anyone looking to add battery storage at a later date.  

For more information on the Fronius Gen24 Plus Symo 6.0 inverter, click here. 
Watt 6,000
Efficiency 98.2% MPPT 3
Display No
DC connection 2/1
IP Rating IP66
Dimensions 59.4 x 52.7 x 18 cm Weight 24.0kg
Product warranty 5 years Extensions for 5 years
CEC Certification No.
Accreditation Expiry